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Take charge of your machine learning future


sb沙巴体育we empower businesses to own their future by addressing capability gaps in machine learning from a technical, process, people, and organizational perspective. by guiding organizations through the planning, feasibility, prototyping, and deployment of real projects, we instill confidence in the technology and the process and the ablity to independently execute future projects. 

sb沙巴体育companies that effectively apply machine learning can drive efficiency through automation and create new business opportunities. they can better understand customer behaviors and reduce churn. they can more precisely spot anomalies and limit cyberthreats. and they can make more confident product and business decisions. 

sb沙巴体育how do we know? because our customers are doing it:

  • A bank is creating 80 percent of its compliance documentation through natural language generation
  • An accounting firm is using summarization techniques to reissue guidance to customers when a tax law changes
  • A surgical robotics company is using deep learning image analysis to improve surgical procedures through robotics

sb沙巴体育and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Discover our services

we understand that technology, alone, isn’t sufficient to unlock the potential of machine learning in the enterprise. our engagements are designed to cut through the hype and provide clarity and practical guidance to your projects.


Strategic advising services

sb沙巴体育we tailor our collaboration to your unique business goals. the output of our strategic process highlights:

  • the data opportunities and how to prioritize them

  • sb沙巴体育the organizational change required to effectively execute across people, process, and org structure

  • the technologies investments you should make

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Application prototype and development services

we partner with you for a three-phase engagement to bring your project from science to engineering:

  • Exploration (two weeks)
  • Algorithmic excellence (a few weeks to a couple of months)
  • Operationalization (a few weeks to a couple of months)

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Kick-start your machine learning capabilities with Cloudera Fast Forward Labs Research.

Learn more about Cloudera machine learning advisory services

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