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Data-Powered Decisions for Today’s Chaotic World

sb沙巴体育today, every business is facing a perfect storm of radical change, supercharged by the impact of a global pandemic. suddenly, everything from face-to-face meetings to buying groceries has gone digital. 

As a result, businesses are generating more data than ever. There are more digital transactions to track and monitor. Every engagement with coworkers, customers, and partners is virtual. So with this deluge of data flooding every enterprise what should businesses do? 

At Cloudera, we believe this onslaught of data offers an opportunity to make better business decisions, faster. The Cloudera Data Platform can leverage virtually unlimited quantities and varieties of data to power better decision making.

sb沙巴体育so please join us for cloudera now: navigating the data storm. you’ll see demos and technical deep-dives. you can engage with thought leaders, experts, engineers, and evangelists. plus, you’ll hear powerful customer stories about how to weather today’s turbulent environment.

Featured Experts

Charlene Li Best Selling Author, Founder and Senior Fellow at Altimeter

Charlene Li

best selling author, the disruption mindset

Arun Murthy Chief Product Officer, Cloudera

Arun Murthy

chief product officer, cloudera

Rob Bearden President & Chief Executive Officer, Cloudera

Rob Bearden

president & chief executive officer, cloudera

Dr. Mary Frances Berry Author, Activist, Educator & Historian

Dr. Mary Frances Berry

author, activist and former chair of the united states commission on civil rights

Mick Hollison Chief Marketing Officer, Cloudera

Mick Hollison

sb沙巴体育chief marketing officer, cloudera

Here's what we have in store for technical leaders, data administrators and practitioners.

Day 1 - IT, Analytics and Technical Leadership

join to:

  • Prepare for the significant shifts in data platforms coming with hybrid cloud
  • See the future of streaming, data warehouse, and machine learning
  • Learn from your industry peers who have transformed their businesses with data and analytics

sb沙巴体育all while meeting data compliance

Day 2 - Data Administrators & Practitioners

sb沙巴体育learn how to:

  • Capture streaming data in the cloud and on-premises
  • Run multistage data pipelines to transform and analyze data
  • Deploy machine learning models to make predictions and guide actions

sb沙巴体育all with enterprise-grade security and governance


Day 1 

5 min

Event Introduction

 Otho Lyon, Director, Support
12 min

CEO Welcome | The New DX: Addressing Diversity Transformation in Tech

cloudera ceo rob bearden sits down with author, activist, educator, and historian dr. mary frances berry for an honest conversation about diversity and inclusion in tech. drawing on her prolific background as an acclaimed academic leader, the co-founder of the free south africa movement, and the former chairwoman of the us commission on civil rights, dr. berry will provide sharp insights into today’s racial climate and discuss the potential for groundbreaking change in our industry.

21 min

Digital Transformation: Your Way Through the Data Storm Moderator

Join Cloudera CMO Mick Hollison and Charlene Li, bestselling author (Open Leadership and Disruption Mindset) as they discuss the steps companies need to take to stay relevant in today’s economic landscape. Learn about why disruption is an important part of the digital transformation process, explore the corporate mindset that organizations need to adopt to drive change, and dive into why some businesses are able to thrive in uncertain times while others lag behind.
21 min

Future of the Enterprise Data Cloud

  • Arun Murthy, Chief Product Officer
  • Fred Koopmans, VP Product Management

the enterprise data cloud enables companies to build mission-critical and high value applications once, and run them anywhere.  cloudera’s next generation data platform is the industry’s first enterprise data cloud, delivering cloud-native agility across public and private clouds for a hybrid cloud deployment.  join us for this session, where arun murthy and fred koopmans will discuss the trends that will impact enterprise data platforms in the next few years.

27 min

Major Trends in Streaming, Data Warehousing and Machine Learning (On Website)

  • Simon Elliston Ball, Sr. Director, Product Management - Streaming
  • Joydeep Das, VP Product Management  - Data Warehouse
  • Priyank Patel, Senior Product Director - Machine Learning

sb沙巴体育business use cases need multiple data and analytic functions to process diverse enterprise data.  the data lifecycle, covering analytics from the edge to ai, gets value from complex, distributed, rapidly changing data to quickly drive useful insights and actions.  in this session, learn about the major trends surfacing in streaming, data warehousing, and machine learning so you can take advantage of the opportunities available to your organization.

3 min

Data Impact Awards Finalists Video (also on-demand)

26 min

An Inside Look at Companies Undergoing Digital Transformation

  • Anupam Singh, Chief Customer Officer
  • Amarnath Lingam, Head of Enterprise Advanced Analytics & Data Science/AI, CDW
On Demand

Streaming Analytics in the Real World - Key Industry Use Cases

Financial Services:
From Fraud Analytics to Personalization - Driving Real-Time Use Cases for Financial Services

  • Dr. Richard Harmon, Managing Director - Financial Services, Cloudera
  • Dinesh Chandrasekhar, Director Product Marketing, Cloudera

Real-time data and analytics in Connected Manufacturing

  • Michael Ger, Managing Director, Manufacturing and Automotive, Cloudera
  • Dinesh Chandrasekhar, Director Product Marketing, Cloudera

Connected cars to Connected Manufacturing - How Streaming Analytics is reshaping the Automotive space

  • Michael Ger, Managing Director, Manufacturing and Automotive, Cloudera
  • Dinesh Chandrasekhar, Director Product Marketing, Cloudera

From 5G to Fraud Analytics - Real-Time Analytics in Telecom

  • Vijay Raja, Director, Industry & Solutions Marketing, Cloudera
  • Dinesh Chandrasekhar, Director Product Marketing, Cloudera

Consumer Goods:
Faster Data, Better Business Outcomes in Retail & CPG

  • Brent Biddulph, Managing Director, Retail & Consumer Goods, Cloudera
  • Dinesh Chandrasekhar, Director Product Marketing, Cloudera

Telematics and Beyond - The Value of Real-time Analytics for Insurance

  • Monique Hesseling, Managing Director, Insurance, Cloudera
  • Dinesh Chandrasekhar, Director Product Marketing, Cloudera

Healthcare & Lifesciences:
Customer Panel: Real-time Data in Healthcare - The Untapped Potential

  • Abbas Mooraj, Managing Director, Life Sciences / Healthcare, Cloudera
  • Aaron S. West, AVP, Big Data Platforms & Solutions, HCA Healthcare
  • Jawad Khan, Director, Data Science & Knowledge Management, Rush University Medical Center
  • Charles Boicey, Chief Innovation Officer, Clearsense LLC

Public Sector:
Using Real-time Data and Analytics to Help Meet Your Mission

  • Cindy Maike, VP Industry Solutions, Cloudera

Day 2 

5 min


sb沙巴体育hana jeddy, product marketing

55 min

CDP: A Data Platform for Hybrid Cloud

Public Cloud

deepak narain, sr product manager (15m)

Private Cloud

sb沙巴体育tom deane, director product management (15m)


Jon Hsieh, Director Product Management, Data Management (15m)

sb沙巴体育as companies realize that their data is spread across multiple environments, from cloud to on-prem, they need a platform to capture, store, and analyze their data at unprecedented speed and scale.  in this session, see how cdp enables companies to build end-to-end data pipelines for hybrid cloud, spanning edge devices to the public cloud to private cloud, all with integrated security and governance to protect their data.

1.5 hrs

CDP: The Full Data Lifecycle

Data Flow

michael kohs, product manager (15m)

Data Engineering

shaun ahmadian, sr product manager (15m)

Data Warehousing

sid shaik, director product management (15m)

Operational Database

sb沙巴体育krishna maheshwari, senior director, product management (15m)

Machine Learning

david bao, director product management (15m)

Workload Manager

raman rajasekhar, senior product manager (15m)

Visual Applications

Shaun Ahmadian, Senior Product Manager (15m)

mastering the data lifecycle is fundamental for organizations to become data-driven.  cdp offers a complete set of easy-to-use, elastic, cloud-native analytic experiences, all with consistent security and governance.  in this session, see how to take control of real-time data, get deeper insights from your data warehouse, and guide decisions and actions with machine learning.

30 min

Closing Remarks

On demand

Migrating to Cloudera Data Platform (CDP)

  • Tristan Stevens, Principal Solutions Architect (90m)

this session will cover the key criteria in determining the cloudera data platform (cdp) deployment model best suited for your organization and your workloads, public cloud, private cloud, or hybrid, as well as the steps to go from planning to use case deployment. cloudera professional services will highlight the considerations, prerequisites, and processes involved in the upgrade or install while outlining the services available to make the journey to cdp seamless and successful.


Charlene Li Best Selling Author, The Disruption Mindset
Arun Murthy Chief Product Officer, Cloudera
Robert Bearden President & Chief Executive Officer, Cloudera
Dr. Mary Frances Berry Author, Activist and former Chair of the United States Commission on Civil Rights
Mick Hollison Chief Marketing Officer, Cloudera
Anupam Singh Chief Customer Officer, Cloudera
Joydeep Das Vice President of Product Management, Cloudera
Fred Koopmans Vice President of Product Management, Cloudera
Simon Elliston Ball Sr. Director, Product Management
Priyank Patel Senior Product Director, Cloudera
David Bao Director of Product Management, Cloudera
Tom Deane Director Product Management, Cloudera
Sid Shaik Director Product Management, Cloudera
Jon Hsieh Director Product Management, Data Management
Krishna Maheshwari Director Product Management, Cloudera
Otho Lyon MC and Director of Support
Amarnath Lingam Head of Enterprise Advanced Analytics & Data Science/AI, CDW
Hana Jeddy MC and Senior Product Marketing Manager
Gaurav Patel Sr. Product Manager
Deepak Narain Sr Product Manager
Raman Rajasekhar Senior Product Manager, Cloudera
Shaun Ahmadian Senior Product Manager, Data Engineering
Michael Kohs Product Manager, Cloudera
Tristan Stevens Principal Solutions Architect

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